Poullaris Ski Descent

Now that the new storm has arrived in Cyprus I guess it’s the right time to post about one of my favorite ski descent. Poullaris is a 1549 meter summit west-east from Troodos square that can be access either from Persefoni trail or from Kato Amiantos village. The long (for Cyprus standards) approach and its steep slopes make the whole area feel wilder than the rest of Troodos. I wanted to ski that certain line since the first snowfall in Cyprus and I had been checking the conditions in the lower gully almost everyday. The first time that I had the chance to ski the gully I was with my brother Andreas Rossidis who recently got into ski touring. The slope was a bit icy and definitely steeper than what it looked like with the binoculars from the main road but it was enjoyable and fun to ski. Two weeks later and after a new snowfall I teamed up with Spyros Erotocritou and we skied all the way from the top in amazing snow conditions.

Starting Point: Troodos Square or Kato Aniantos village

Total distance: 8.59km round trip from Troodos square

Access: The descend slope can be accessed by skinning along the Persefoni natural trail until it crossed by the road. When you reach the road follow it towards Kato Amiantos and on a sharp right turn you can see the Poullaris peak and the start of the ski descent.

Ski Descent: The beginning of the descent is rocky and it is better to walk it when there is not enough snow. Then it follows an amazing north east slope that leads into a gully. From there you can either follow the narrow gully all the way to the road (only possible with heavy snowfall) or traverse right into a wider gully (highly recommended).

Andreas Rossidis and I on Poullaris early in the season



Short edit from the excursion that Spyros Erotocritou and I did on  the 11th of January




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