Lucky but true, someday my passion became my work.

I have been skiing since being a toddler and after a decade of alpine skiing racing, I introduced to rock climbing. It was first when I went to the UK in order to study BSc Outdoor Studies in 2011 that I got completely sold in the mountains and all the adventures they offer. After exploring the mountains in Britain and Cyprus for a few years it was time to venture back into the Alps and look around, this time with a different perspective. In 2012, I did my first winter alpine trip in the Alps and I have returned every season since then.

Becoming a mountain guide wasn’t just a profession that I choose. I spend many years climbing and skiing before I actually was able to apply for the IFMGA mountain guide education. In 2016, I started my mountain guide program with the East European Mountain Guide Association and since May 2018 I am working as a full-time IFMGA mountain guide.

Please feel free to contact me for trips involving climbing or skiing. Moreover, I run climbing (rock, ice and mixed), ski touring and winter mountaineering courses mainly in the Alps or in East Europe.

I have a very strict policy on the guide-to-client ratio for all types of activities. For alpine and multi-pitch climbs it is usually 1:1 and it never exceeds 1:2. For the instructional courses, the ratio never exceeds 1:4. For treks and ski tours the ratios are more generous but depending on the terrain and the group’s experience. Regular climbs from sport to multi-pitch and alpine terrain are charged on per-day rates plus expense while instructional courses are charged based on the duration and the group size.

Professional Outdoor Certifications:

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Outdoor Education:

Recognized higher education provider through the Institute of Outdoor Learning that has enabled me to develop:

  • Understanding of a wide range of outdoor environments
  • Physical performance in the outdoors
  • Belief in the value and importance of outdoor education in contemporary society.

The Sports area of my studies covered a vast array of specialism that enabled me to develop an understanding on: physiology, psychology, biomechanics, injury, and physical education.