Loumata tous Aetous Ski Descent

For the last couple of weeks I was lucky enough to be in Cyprus where I could enjoy and explore the potential of ski touring in my backyard. With unexpectedly (especially for December) quantity of snow and perfect conditions in Cyprus it was time to venture into the backcountry and check out some ski tours. I would start this short series of backcountry skiing in Cyprus with one of my favorite tree ski descents. Loumata tous Aetous ski tour is a nice introduction to ski touring in Cyprus due to its easy accessibility, the amazing scenery and the beautiful descent through Troodos’ black pine trees.

Starting Point: Troodos Square

Total distance: 2.5km linear

Ski Descent Length: 800m

Access: The descent slope can be reached after 1.7km walking along the Persefoni natural trail. After the descent you can follow the slope back to the trail and follow it all the way back to the start point.

Check out the video edit of me and my brother enjoying the full on winter in Troodos, Cyprus.


You should carry an avalanche beacon, shovel and probe when travelling in avalanche terrain and know how to use them. Even in Cyprus some slope can possess avalanche risks. Backcountry travel requires an acceptance of the risks involved (avalanches are not the only danger) and implies a willingness to take responsibility for educating oneself about these dangers and ways to mitigate them.


I and Andreas Rossidis skinning towards another descent




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