Ski Mountaineering in Cyprus

While most of Europe has no snow, in Cyprus we got a Christmas gift that includes snow and low temperatures. Last week during a period of 5 days Troodos Mountains dressed in white with almost 70cm of fresh snow. So after I came back from a short ice-climbing trip in Greece and Bulgaria I was keen to get my touring skis and venture into the mountains for some ski sessions. The weather was miserable and the ski lifts closed and that meant only one thing: I could enjoy the perfect powder snow with solitude in a place that played a principal role in my life.




For the first sessions I choose to ski on known terrain and check out how the snow pack is. However, I visit and check out some other possible descents and now I am just waiting for the right conditions to give them a go.



Special thanks to Nikolas Patsalos for joining and shooting the video.

Troodos dressed in white.



  1. Matt Walker

    I did a short tour this morning at first light and it was great, I would love to know your route

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